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webstranka (2013-07-19 06:59:00)

Dobry den penzion vyzera zvonku krasne, ale chybaju mi na tejto stranke fotky izieb, kuchynky a okolia. Alebo ich neviem najst?

Super dovolen (2012-08-20 07:16:00)

D?kujeme za p?

Horo (2012-07-17 03:01:00)

Pobyt v Tatr

My Summers in the High Tatras (2012-05-29 09:42:00)

Pension situated in the heart of Europe is certainly one of the optimalest places for spending your vacation. In the High Tatras and your pension I have ever felt more than good! No matter whether you are from Slovakia or from whole different part of the Europe or world, do not hesitate, visit it. I have come here every summer for 3 years already and I can commend it. Location is very good. It is close to mountains where you can climb or go hiking, restaurants or some pubs, playground, historical statues, natural monuments or caves and it is also close to the Main Train Station in Star

:) (2012-02-21 08:33:00)

Aj ke? sme u V

Bolo fajn (2008-11-28 04:37:00)

?akujeme e

Kniha n (2008-06-30 12:45:00)


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