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On-line reservation

How to book?
  1. Look at use offer of accommodation and choose the right room or apartment according to your requirements.
  2. Fill out the booking form. Please mark your variant of accommodation. We make a reply in 24 hours.
  3. Till 72 hours transfer a reserve to our account and fax (SR: 052 ???, ?R: +42152 ????????) the receipt of your payment to our account to confirm your order.
The payment
  1. The reserve by the confirm your order make 30% of the total price of accommodation (you receive the exact calculation by the reservation).
  2. The residue of payment

    On-line reservation
    *Name & Surname /  Firm:
    *Type of accommodation:
    Number of persons (together):
    ... number of children up to the age of 12:
    *Arrival (Date):
    *Number of nights:

    Please fill up the (*) marked fields for quick processing.
    Your reservation will be answer in 24 hours.

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