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We offer:

  • Accommodation in 2 4 bed rooms with their own shower and lavatory rooms, or tourist type of accommodation during the whole year
  • Small kitchen for meal preparation selling breakfast, warm and cold alcohol free drinks
  • Information about tourist routes and their difficulty
  • Information about weather forecast
  • Information about opening and closing times in museums and caves
  • Information about cultural programmes and parties
  • Selling tourist maps and tramway travel tickets
  • Raft reservation for Dunajec floating in the National Park of Pieniny
  • Seat at the open fireplace
  • Mediation of the mountain guide on high mountain routes and climbing, ski, snow-boarding and ski alpinistic courses
  • Free of charge car parking next to the house
  • Distributoin of travel tickets for Tatras railway
  • Insurance for intervention of Slovak mountain rescue in mountains for extreme sports by insurance companies: Allianz Poistova, a.s., Generali Poistova, a.s. and Union Poistova, a.s.

Services in surroundings


  • the Sibranka reastaurant (10 % discount for the DELTA Private House cus-tomers) 80 m
  • food shop 80 m
  • Slovak cottage 800 m
  • pizzery


  • 300 1000 m

Sport activities:

  • playground for ball plays in summer and for skating in winter 100 m
  • bowling & fitness 200 m
  • ski centres (Jakubkos meadow 200 m, Jamy in Tatransk Lom-nica 7 km, Inter Ski trbsk Pleso 19 km, diar Bachledas Valley 25 km , diar Strednica 30 km)
  • ski slopes [Hrebienok 1 km, Bellevue hotel (night light) 1,5 km, the funicular Tatransk Lomnica - Skalnat pleso- Lomnicas Peak 7 km]
  • sledge road from Hrebienok to Nov Smokovec 1 km
  • water parks, thermal bathing places, saunas and swimming pools (Poprad 15 km, Vrbov - 23 km, Vyn Rubachy 55 km, Lip-tovsk Mikul 67 km, Beeov 75 km)
  • ski and sledge rental


  • Belianska Cave 17 km, Dobin Ice Cave 55 km, caves in Demnov 80 km


You can buy the air rescue card that ensures provision of a free of charge air rescue or another inevitable emergency medical aid in case of a life danger.

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