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The DELTA Private House is situated at the south side of Slavkov Peak (2462 m above see level) in the height of 1010 m in the settlement Nov Smokovec that to-gether with Star Smokovec create the central part of the town Vysok Tatry. They are the most visited area of the Tatra National Park and a gateway into the high mountain nature by means of marked tourist paths.

By its attractive surroundings, the DELTA Private House provides the ideal condi-tions for those visitors who come to us to strengthen their health, spend leisure time by active recreation and sports. Only a few minutes distance of walk from other objects gives possibilities for food services, hall sports, entertainment and also for rent of a wide scale of summer and winter sport accessories, or visiting saunas and swimming pools.

The DELTA Private House has also an advantageous position both for visiting cul-tural and historical remembrances, caves, natural cure sources in near and farer surroundings and the neighbouring national parks (The National Park of Pieniny, The National Park of Slovak Paradise, The National Park of Low Tatra) and also for visiting of the northern part of High Tatra The Tatra National Park on the Polish Tatra side.

The railway stop Sibr of the Tatra tramway is next to the DELTA Private House. It is one of the access possibilities by train to the DELTA Private House from the Poprad railway station. It also serves as a set out stop for journey to the famous Tatras settlement trbsk Pleso, eventually to Tatransk Lomnica. It takes only 15 minutes of a comfortable walk to the valley station of the land funicular on Hre-bienok which is a multiuse place for visitors, e.g. a set out place in the high moun-tain nature environment during the whole year and a place for downhill skiing and sledging in winter.

There is also a national and international bus station in Nov Smokovec providing communication links to the farther High Tatras surroundings, eventually to the Polish promontory town Zakopane.

The international airport is situated at the town Poprad which is 15 km far from Smokovec.


Historical remembrances:

  • Castles: Poprad-Spisk Sobota, Strky, Spisk Bel, erven Kltor
  • Fortresses: Star ubova, Spis fortress and cathedral
  • Skanzens: diar and Vavriovo
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